A.F.F.S. "NEWS IN THE NET" 8/18/17.. Guide Paul Healy and Capt. Mike will be headed to Lexington, Kentucky next week to exhibit A.F.F.S. Services and Sponsor products and to perform seminars at the ULTIMATE OUTDOOR EXPO August 24 - 26th. It's a great late summer event that we have been very pleased to attend for the 4th year. We will be spending some time talking fly fishing with Ted Nugent who has been chosen as this yearstop featured performer at the EXPO'S Country and Rock Concert on Saturday night. Paul and I are certainly looking forward to this one.. If you are in the area don't missitand stop by and say hello to us. We will be set up with our small Show trailer and Pop Up Canopy next to the bass pond across the street from the downstairs entrance to the Arena and all the Indoor exhibits.. A.F.F.S. has recovered our full rights to our flyrod.tv domain name after 5 years of trying to do so. Happened without any additional costs except for patience and vigilance.. We will begin producing new video content and internet television broadcasts using our flyrod.tv internet channels very soon with help from our long time friend and A.F.F.S. associate artist/photographer Richard King.. Richard is designing a new look for the A.F.F.S. website that will be more appealing to you and our visitors.. Richard besides being a true early flyrod pioneer of the Island Beach State Park at the Jersey Shore, is a guy with a huge talent in effective website design using the same web tool builder set that I use on this site.. Richard uses it on his own barnegatbaywildlife.com Please visit Richard's site and compare the design of his Site with this one and let us know via email or text which one appeals more to you and why it does.. Don't worry about the fly fishing content just the best look that appeals to you, ability to find what you are looking for and ease on what you want to do after locating some thing you want to act on or find more info about it.. If you view the two sites let us now your thinking about them.. During June We will pick a winning entry from the submissions of the more popular site for a FREE RIO fly line... So review the 2 sites and then send us your opinion please.. What you want to see about fly fishing is very important to us so let us know what you prefer.. 4/26/17... Jersey Shore... Teaching myself the ins and outs of Windows 10 so I can get caught up on all the paperwork and editing I am behind on from trying to figure this latest O.S. out.. My research showed a lot of PC users that have tried it have dumped 10 for a number of reasons and reverted back to earlier windows versions to retain their sanity.. I felt like joining them on several of my first attempts at trying to get this thing to work as it is designed to.. But I like a tech challenge now and then when I have time for it as it kind of reminds me of trying to figure out finicky feeding fish.. Though it is rather "alien in its feel" to earlier Windows versions and it is not really a MAC clone.. I originally reasoned there are a lot of very smart IT engineers at MS that designed this system that they promote as the state of the art in computing for the type of work I do on a PC. At this point in time with my little bit of experience with it, I now think that after a lot of initial skepticism from me caused by my not understanding how to get it to work for me quickly, that for video editing, photo editing and website creation which is what I do on a PC.. Yes that this O.S. should aid these type of computer operations a bit more easily.. Because some of my favorite editing software for these applications are not available in MAC versions I need to work with P.C.'s.. My I-Mac which I prefer to use when ever I can, that is set up with dual IOS and PC O.S. is set up in Florida.. last summer when I was here in Jersey I spent a little money to purchase this PC to leave at my House here to use when I am here primarily for fishing video editing.. The fellow that built this box for me said that once I "mastered" 10 I would be further ahead with my editing work, so I agreed to have him install 10 on this machine.. As another I-Mac or Mac Pro was certainly not in the budget.. I located a computer rebuilder through Craig's list and purchased this quad core Dell work station that was state of the art a few years ago... This PC was rebuilt in a basement (literaly true, as I visited his Techie dungeon like work shop) run by a retired IT tech. A nice nerdy old guy in the woods that rebuilds boxes and sells them on Craig's list and seems to support himself and his hobby business by doing it.. Any way it was all I could afford the week I bought this "souped up" Lazarus..The fellow that built this box for me said that once I "mastered" 10 I would be further ahead with my editing work, so I agreed to have him install 10 on this machine because it was the latest version and I really had no knowledge about it pro or con.. I now think he knew what he was talking about even though a lot of "expert" users were not agreeing with him then and many still are today.. When I returned from Florida here in January I bought a well taken care of H.P. top of the line printer on Craig's that is about 3 years old for $25.. it just did not suit the young woman that owned it because it is large in her little condo and is not home network wireless ready and she wanted that feature.. I got around that by using an Ethernet cable into my combo wireless/wired modem then added wireless to the Dell by adding a $10 USB port adapter. Configuring the whole thing to a 40" flat screen T.V. over the L.R. fireplace adding a Chrome HDMI adapter I had lying around it lets me watch NET FLIX Movies, U-tube videos and do my computer work in HD from across the Living Room on the couch or sitting in my leather recliner .. It took some trial and error hookups to get it to all to work together but once I got it working right it is the only way to "fly".. So far this cheapo Gorilla mash up is playing nice with each other, so maybe it will get me through this critical patch of negotiating some promising opportunities for A.F.F.S.. I hope that perhaps the worst part of my learning curve is behind me now.. 4/4/11/17.. Jersey Shore.. Just busy with "Catching Up" with a lot of e-mails to read and write plus waiting for my Doctors to stop doing tests on me and start treating me so Hopefully I can head back to Florida for some "recovery" time and get at some of what we have happening down there to move along a bit quicker.. 3/7/17.... We had a great time in Milwaukee at the Sentinel-Journal Sportsmen Show at the State Fairgrounds.. It is held in a very nice spacious Hall full of great exhibits.. Hands down, the best Sportsmen Show I have been involved with in quite a long time.. It was great with large exhibits by MERCURY MARINE and other manufacturers wit their factory exhibits.. Dozens and dozens of quality Lodge operators and Guides from all over the States, Canada and even some from as far away as Africa and South America.. Our big "Lake Milwaukee" exhibit was a huge hit here and we had large crowds even on Thursday when ever I paddled around in our Lake and demonstrated the fly fishing features of my Jackson Kilroy model kayak.. Our "SIMUL-CAST" 100" Screen worked great with our Daylight projection system for any and all presenters that used it to enhance their pond side seminars... Our newest, young member of our team, Ryan Doran did a fine job of assisting Paul Healy and I at this Show. Ryan is almost ready to become our first A.F.F.S. "Corporate Fly Guide" here in Wisconsin.. Ryan and I met with some Wisconsin DNR officers yesterday right here at the Show at their exhibit to review his Guide license application and the regulations governing his and A.F.F.S. activitie here in Wisconsin... Every thing is on track for Ryan to kick off our new services for fly fihers in Wisconsin in just a couple of weeks.. Keep visiting this NEWS Crawler, Twitter and FB Pages for the latest updated information to hit the water with us here in Wisconsin by some time in mid May I predict... Ryan, Paul and I will be fishing and filming some of the early season HOT big Brown Trout action around the downtown Lake Michigan Milwaukee boat docks this Monday a/m. before Paul and I head back to Jersey.. With a possible stop on the Saint Joe River in Indiana to fish with Adam Marton in his drift boat for some "chromers" and then maybe a day on the Ausable in Michigan with TV star MARK "UNCLE MILY" Milis... Of course it is all weather related at this time of year with several snow storms headed our way on the horizon this plan may not work out.. Stay tuned here for the results.. 3/8/17... Millwaukee, Wisconsin... Your reporter and A.F.F.S. Fly Fishing Guide / Instructor and Camp Chef "Extrodinaire" Paul Healy, PA. arrived here yesterday evening and began setting up our A.F.F.S. DISPLAY at the long running MILLWAUKEE JOURNAL - SENTINEL SPORTSMEN SHOW that will open here today and run through Sunday at the Wisconsin Fair Grounds and Exhibition Center in West Allis.. This is the largest Sportsmen Show held annually in Wisconsin and is now managed and run by the OSG Team from N.Y.C.. Paul and I will be presenting our fly casting and kayak fishing programs at the Giant Indoor 100' x 40' Lake Millwaukee and because of the popular response to Paul's first Gourmet Campsite Cooking demo at the Edison Sportsmen Show in N.J. Paul will be featured every day on the "GRILL'N" Stage at this Event.. Before long, Pauly may have his own TV Show on one of the Food Channels if this continues.. I will also be giving a "CRUISE & CAST" Seminar on the Main Stage during the Show.. Stop.by and join us for some fun this week if you are in the Milwaukee area and shake off your Winter Time "Cabin Fever Blues" as we discuss the soon to be arrive fly fishing season throughout the Mid-West.. Speaking of that Paul and I are hoping to cash in the early ice out on the Northern Wisconsin Lakes next week and hunt for some big Northern Pike in the Lake Shallows as the Pike seek out mates for their spawning runs and are most susceptible to taking a big Pike Streamer... 3/5/17.. Jersey Shore.. The "Follow Up" from our booth at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show was all very positive results with both the fly fishing public that responded positively when I told them the MAXXON OUTFITTERS story of becoming one of the largest "behind the scenes "private label providers for many large retailers of fly equipment to the launch and first full year of advertising the MAXXON brand to the community as their Fly Shop support brand.. l sold several of the combo outfits with the STONE FLY "kits" being the most popular seller at this Event.. All the other MAXXON products helped create some new customers and big "MO" fans as well.. I met with several current A.F.F.S sponsor Companies executives and several NEW ones that are now going to start working with us like FISH COGNITTO CLOTHING and RISE FLY FISHING PRODUCTS and others... 3/1/17.. I am very pleased to announce that A.F.F.S. will be making a previously unplanned appearance this Saturday and Sunday on our upcoming road trip to Milwaukee and possibly as far north as St. Paul, Minnesota.. We will be exhibiting our services first to the fly fishing community at the last of the 2017 FLY FISHING SHOWS owned and operated by the Furimsky family.. The Show is being held this Saturday and Sunday in Lancaster, PA.. Visit the listing and web link on our UPCOMING EVENTS Page to find all about the Show details.. We will be there through the generosity of one of our primary Sponsors of Fly Fishing products and one of the Industries fastest growing and most forward thinking Companies, MAXXON OUTFITTERS.. We will have a full display and inventory of their 3 great travel rod combo outfits that are completely ready to fly fish with as purchased in their "kit"' packages including the entry level TIMBER HAWK models, their mid priced STONE FLY and their exceptional top of the line high modulus graphite "Passage" travel rods matched with the MAXXON,TALON Fly Reels.. This high quality amazing travel outfit even includes a Free 1 year Trout Unlimited membership All of the available rod weights and lengths will be available for test casting at the Show Pond and for purchase at our booth and will also include a Show promotion Free Maxxon "Big Fly" T Shirt and fly tool lanyard with all Combo purchases at this great annual Fly Fishing event.. The new PA. Maxxon product rep trainee will be with us along with A.F.F.S. Pro Guides and Instructors Paul Healy and Chip Jablonski.. Stop by our booth located in the last full side aisle and say hello to us and look over and try out the new Fly Shop supported MAXXON products including their own factory manufactured PRIME fly lines, backing, leaders and tippets that offer tremendous value and superb casting quality for the entry level beginners.. 2/17.. I enjoyed another good show at the annual Pt. Pleasant Fishermens Flea Market yesterday. I met lots of nice folks interested in fly fishing, some that I have not seen in many years.. Gave out lots of our member literature and sold some MAXXON OUTFITTERS, SHU-FLY, CORTLAND and other brands of fly equipment to them.. I then spent time with my good friend Tom Lynch after the Show at his new gallery in downtown PT. Pleasant.. angryfishgallery.com viewing and admiring his latest work in the larger framed canvas format and talking over business.. Be sure to visit his Gallery the next time you are in the area.. We will be displaying and selling his work at our many Events as we have in past seasons.. 12/1/16.. We kicked off our winter 2017 Show tours a bit early this year with a brand new event in Cape Coral, Fl. at the 3 day Fishing and Boating Expo held at the German American Club.. We had the big Show Trailer open to the attendees and our little CUSTOM GHEENOE on display along with some of our new custom aluminum boat and trailer products that made for an impressive set up.. It was a good Show for us with lots of interest in our AFFS services locally and in many other places we have affiliated Guides and Lodge partners.. I was ably assisted by long time A.F.F.S. Veteran Capt. Al Zlata and a new local fly fishing captain Pete Gulbrandsen and my "Admiral" Rita.. We floated a "Test balloon" sampling of the Fly Fishers that spoke with us and it revealed a strong desire and support for AFFS to see us open a "Real" Brick & Mortar Fly Shop in this S.W. area of Florida as none now really exist here except for Norm Siglers place out on Captiva Island that is not easily visited by the locals.. Stay "tuned right here" for further details about what we are planing to do concerning this in 2017.. 8/16.. Capt. Mike and Rita enjoyed a good long weekend in Lexington KY. exhibiting at the ULTIMATE SPORTSMEN EXPO after all our problems with our truck in getting here.. We were set up outdoors on a Pond @ the Show again and I demonstrated and taught fly casting to lots of folks that stopped by our Show trailer. We had the FREEDOM HAWK and JACKSON Kayaks in the water for demo paddles and had the kids catching Bluegills and Bass one after the other on Wooly Bugger flies all day long.. Looking forward to returning again here next year to this great mid summer event.. We have added several videos we like or have made ourselves to our WINGS & WATERS U-TUBE channel.. You can check them out by clicking the U-TUBE logos on this website.. With lots more to come soon.. Our WINGS & WATERS magazine will be coming out again soon... Our upcoming 2017 Spring/Summer edition of WINGS & WATERS is now under construction and I will be posting the release date right here as soon as possible.. Our Editors online Publishing ability permits it to travel further and provides instant access for our readers combined with much moreinteractive features including videos and forums that add to our publications popularity and this helps grow A.F.F.S. and our programs.. WINGS & WATERS can also be ordered in a printed format in various sizes and costs with the print copies on demand feature through the W&W website for those that prefer an "Old School" style hands on the pages sitting next to a fire in a comfortable chair with a cold one.. That's the way I like to read books but it does not work as well on an airplane flight.. Right now as you are reading this, we are creating our Brand New online catalog store AFFSflyshop.com (actually it's a Company in California doing most of the work) that will be available to the public and fully operational by April 2017.. It will Category and list all the products we offer for sale from our new West Coast (San Diego) and East Coast (Fort Myers) shipping locations.. Also be sure to visit wingsandwatersmagazine.biz next month to experience the future of Fly Fishing publishing.. Once you get used to reading magazines this way I'm sure you will enjoy them even more".. I know this old Captain certainly does.. 3/1/17.. Island Heights, N.J. (Capt. Mike's current "Home Town").. Some final thoughts today.. Check out the details and Show links on our NEXT EVENTS and UPCOMING EVENTS Pages and come by and see us at the Shows or join us on one of our trips this spring or summer during 2017.. Especially on our annual North East TROUT BUM TOUR it should be truly epic fun this time, with the final filming of my 4 years in the making documentary about AFFS Guide Paul Healy called "An American Fly Fishing Trout Bums Story"... Lots of terrific fishing days and side adventures are planned for this trip including a great concert camping trip in the Catskills at the world famous MOUNTAIN JAM MUSIC FESTIVAL, Walk & Wade and Drift Boat trips plus visiting and participating at two Fly Fishing Shows are just part of what's on the tour agenda this year.. 4/14/14.. Captain Mike Corblies is planing his next big road trip heading South in March and April including exhibiting at the long running VA. FLY FISHING FAIR, S.C. PALMETTO SPORTSMEN CLASSIC SHOW in Columbia and the Charleston S.C. OUTDOOR EXPO Show and the INDIAN RIVER FISHING ART, BOAT & NAUTICAL MARKET in Florida on his way down "Home" after picking up A.F.F.S. Junior Pro Chandler Williams in Miami who will be just back in the US. from a sucessful guiding season in Patagonia, Argentina at the world famous Kau Tappan Lodge helping their clients land some of the planets largest sea run trout this Winter.. Job well done Chandler, I salute you.. But now it's time to start to take your Captains School training over the next few weeks and get your 6 pack ticket.. In true AFFS Style there is no rest for the weary, as Chandlers first class begins in Cape Coral on the same evening I pick him up at the Miami Airport in the morning on.. We are all very proud at AFFS of our top Junior Pro that has proven his determination to build a solid career in our sport and industry.. By guiding 2 summers at the top rated STONE FLY INN, Montana and this winter stint in Patagonia.. Chandler has gained more field experience in two years then many of his peers will acquire in twenty years.. NowbIn a couple of weeks during April and contingent on successfully passing his USCG license he will not be a Junior pro any longer but will be a full time full fledged AFFS Guide & Instructor based at our operations in Cross, S.C. at BLACKS CAMP.. Big things in our Sport and Business are in the future for this young rising AFFS star from South Carolina... You can always find info on all our Shows and Events by clicking on the UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE on the left side below this crawler.. Don't forget.. We are featuring some great "CRUISE & CAST" Trips with NORWEGIAN LINE.. Our "FLOATING BONEFISH SCHOOL" sails on the NCL SKY from Miami to Grand Bahama Island, Nassau and Great Cayes every week.. A lot of fun flats fishing can be had on these trips.. CALL TODAY to go saltwater fly fishing and learn how to do it right with us.. Click on our "CRUISE & CAST" Page for more info and to view the available dates.. Go to cruiseshipfishingtrips.com to Sign up TODAY for a great "CRUISE and CAST" trip in search of "Bones to Billfish"... Please send me your comments, pictures and questions by e-Mail to info@americanflyfishingschools.com Thanks for checking in Capt. Mike

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AFFS Director Mike Corblies & Junior Pro, Chandler Williams a S.C.College student pose for the camera atop ICAST 2014 in Orlando..
Capt. Mike with a bonefish
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A.F.F.S. member Guide Kevin Margosian displays a nice Steelhead he caught on a trip to the Salmon River near Pulaski, N.Y. We have several great guides available in this region to help you land YOURS.. 
Capt. Mike teaching a student
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More A.F.F.S. Fly Casting Demos and Small Watercraft Seminars will be held in Florida & other Southern 
States as Capt. Mike is moving from N.J. to Fort Myers, Florida The picture above was taken at 
FISHSTOCK in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.. Be there with us in 2017...  
 Titusville, FL. A.F.F.S. Director Mike Corblies is pleased to announce one of our major sponsors to our activities. CUSTOM GHEENOE BOATS of Titusville, Florida is now going to allow us to represent his used trade in inventory of Custom GHEENOE'S and other boats that are located at the Titusville factory as they are brought in there on new boat trade ups or consignment sales. When the new A.F..F.S. South West Florida Regional Fly / Small Watercraft SHOP opens this year we wlll be bringing more of the used GHEENOE inventory to our North Fort Myers location for sale to fly fishing and light tackle anglers looking for some great deals on pre owned CUSTOM GHEENOES or that may prefer to order a brand new CUSTOM GHEENOE boat through us. Capt. Mike's own 13' NMZ model is headed back to the factory for some brand new customization work that will then become product options (after field testing and modifications) on special A.F.F.S. edition CUSTOM GHEENOES on the 3 currently available sizes 13', 15' 17'..  Captain Mike's 13' Custom Gheenoe is being used in our seminar programs in the "SIMUL-CAST INDOOR LAKE" Click here on the AMERICAN FLY FISHING.TV Channel to watch some informative CUSTOM GHEENOE videos..
A.F.F.S. Junior Pro - Chandler Williams casting for bream @ EAST.COAST PADDLESPORT Show
A.F.F.S. "CRUISE & CAST" most popular trip is the 4 day Bahamas trip...
Our "CRUISE & CAST" Bahamas Route

"CRUISE & CAST" trips sail from many ports
around the world but the most popular trip for
good reason is our 4 day (3 fly fishing day 
available) trip that leaves almost every week
of the year from Miami. Monday afternoon
departures to Friday morning port returns.
The prices are low and the service via the
CRUISE lines.  

A.F.F.S. has launched the sports first shipboard fly fishing schools to great fly fishing destinations.Click it..
A.F.F.S. Captains & "Cruise Ship Pros" in the Berry Islands.. Al Zlata, Mike Corblies, Jimmy Darville
A.F.F.S. has expanded it's Bahama operations by Land, Air and Sea..
A.F.F.S. has arrangements with some of the best talent available in the
Bahamas for both experienced anglers and students. On Grand Bahama 
Island we are partnered with Capt. Phil Thomas of the well established 
PHIL & MEL'S BONEFISH GUIDE SERVICE.  Capt. Phil operates his business 
on the East End in McLeans Town, the launching spot for all the East End Lodges. 
Capt. Phil has experienced guides on staff with quality skiffs as well as offshore boats 
available for hire. On GBI we have also partnered with the very well known 
BISHOP'S BONEFISH RESORT located right on the beach in High Rock. 
BISHOP'S has 7 very nice rooms for fishermen and visiting families, A great 
Restaurant and full Bar plus a Tiki bar on the sand. BISHOP'S is now our official 
A.F.F.S. Lodge on the East End where we will be conducting schools and 
seminars for our Group Trip clients and stopping by for a cold beverage on 
our way back to the Ship from  fishing with our "CRUISE & CAST" groups.

On Nassau we are privleged to have none other than the world famous
bonefish guide, Simon Bain on the A.F.F.S. International team. Simon is a
twice Bahamas national casting champion, producer and star of the
Bahamas first television and radio fishing programs and an accomplished
writer. Simon has developed his own unique fly casting methods that any
serious student of our sport should aquaint themselves
with. Simon is well
known for his antics and fun filled delivery about "There's NO bonefish in
Nassau mon"
Just check out U-Tube for that. Simon has a couple of
experienced guides working under his Outfitters license. There are only 4
legal flats guide operations licensed on Nassau and Simon is one of them. 
If you "CRUISE & CAST" or visit Nassau / Paradise Island by air you should
spend some time with Simon and his staff and go bonefish
"catching not fishing" as Simon likes to say..

Last but certainly not least, in the more remote Berry Chain of Islands, the
well respected guide Jimmy Darville is in charge of guiding our clients when
we visit there. Our "CRUISE & CAST" trips with NCL and RCL visit Great and
Little Stirrup Cayes weekly. Jim and his brothers Percy and Joe plus their
staff of guides with spotless flats boats provide excellent fishing trips in the
nearby waters. Jimmy has a new Lodge under construction on nearby Great
Harbour Island that will soon welcome our clients arriving by air or private
boat for both flats and offshore fishing.
Our A.F.F.S. Partners on Grand Bahama Island
A.F.F.S. Instructor Simon Bain World Class bonefish guide in Nassau, Bahamas..
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       A.F.F.S. will return to exhibit @ PA. FLY FISHING MUSEUM HERITAGE DAY SHOW in 2014..
6/15/13.. A.F.F.S. was at the
HERITAGE DAY Show in Boiling
Springs on Saturday June 15th at the
beautiful ALLENBERRY RESORT on the
banks of the Yellow Breeches. We
enjoyed a great  day outdoors meeting
old friends in the sport and making
some new ones.  Frank Angelo, casting
instructor from central PA. gave a fine
program to the attendees and joined
our membership. Frank operates the
RED TAIL LODGE B&B near McClure,
PA. Welcome aboard Frank..

SPIRIT - A.F.F.S. Partner Airline To Many Of Our Favorite Destinations
Captain Mike Corblies leading a casting class in New York City on the shores of the Hudson..
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Bill Haldaman teaching fly casting / fishing classes in Montana
Bill and Camanchee ready for back country cutthroats..
Kalispell, Montana..  A.F.F.S. 
founding member and respected 
casting instructor Bill Haldaman, 
is now giving fly casting lessons 
and trout fishing classes at the 
landmark Montana Sports Store 
Kalispell,  The store has been in the 
sporting goods business since 
1947 and is located near some of the 
best Rocky Mountain fishing waters. 
For more information call Bill 
@ 406-208-9543 or Manager Rusty Wells
 at the store @ 406-257-752 
N.M.M.A, BOAT SHOWS - A.F.F.S. Displays..
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 A.F.F.S. tried out a new way to introduce 
more participants to our sport. We exhibited at 
CENTERCapt. Mike Corblies, (N.J.) Jack 
Montague (FL.) and Andrew Stiles (VA.) 
performed  fly casting, fly tying, kayaking demos
and discussed our "CRUISE & CAST" cruise ship program
various Schools and trips to A.F.F.S. member destinations. Captain Mike was featured on
FOX TV 5 with D.C. reporter Holly Morris learning how to fly cast and kayak at our Pond..
Capt. Mike and Jack Montague were filmed by NEW TANG DYNASTY TV crew based 
in Washington explaining kayak fishing and fly casting for a program to be broadcast both in the
U.S. and into China..Channel 9 in DC also filmed and used our casting demos for Show 
promotion clips throughout the weekend  plus several travel magazine writers interviewed us
for upcoming articles..Click here to watch us on  FOX TV News.

Captain Mike Corblies as a featured 
speaker at the
in Wyckoff, New Jersey..
May 20th.. Capain Mike Corblies gave a 
presentation seminar to the monthly 
meeting of the COASTAL FLYRODDERS  
CLUB in Wyckoff, N.J. on several
topics including the "CRUISE & CAST"                                                                                   program and WINGS & WATERS 
Magazine as well as answering lots of 
questions about salt water fly fishing 
techniques. The club and it's many 
activities will be featured in an article in 
the Fall / Winter edition of                                                                                                                 WINGS & WATERS MAGAZINE..
Photo by Nick Pullano                                                                                                                                       A  

was on display @ 2014
A picture from the Oaks Show in 2013
We had some heavy snow on first two days of this PA. Show but Saturday
and Sunday we were mobbed by customers when the weather turned better.
This annual event draws a large number of sports enthusiasts every year. 
A.F.F.S. had a large display including our big Pond and Trailer. Several 
member pros were on hand from PA. and  N.J. to inform and entertain the 
attendees with daily seminars and casting demos. We also featured for the 
first time at this event the photography of Tom Lynch of ANGRY FISH that 
was well received by the folks stopping by our display. We also  
signed up another new Lodge Member from Maine and will be aiding them 
with their fly fishing tackle selection for their guests through our new
"FLY SHOP IN A BOX" program for our member Lodges and Retailers.